Kitchen Knife Sets: Essential knives for the kitchen

A well-equipped kitchen requires a thoughtfully selected collection of knives, ensuring efficiency without creating confusion or clutter. With the abundance of options available, determining the...

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A Practical Guide to Sharpening Kitchen Knives: Stones, Hones, and Strops.

A sharp kitchen knife is an essential tool for any cooking enthusiast. Carbon steel knives are favored by many chefs for their exceptionally keen edges...

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Caring for Carbon Steel Knives – The Simple Way to Keep Carbon Steel from Rusting and Tarnishing

When it comes to kitchen knives, carbon steel blades are revered for their exceptional sharpness and ease of sharpening. However, they require special attention and...

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How Small Fires Burn Brighter: Cultivating presence and deepening relationships

This is not a DIY lesson in getting more BTU's out of less wood. This is about sinking into a deepened state of self reflection and...

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Carbon steel vs Stainless steel Knives: What steel should I choose for a kitchen knife?

Let's break down the difference between carbon and stainless steel to aid in choosing the right knife for your needs. Understand that one is not inherently better...

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Petty, Paring, and kitchen Utility knives: What's the difference?

Don't worry, this article will clearly define the differences between these three knife designs. The paring and utility knives have a European origin, whereas the petty...

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Knife anatomy 101: Full tang knife parts breakdown

Knife terminology is confusing, and that is why there is so much inaccurate and incomplete information on the web. As a knife maker, it is...

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Blade Grinds and Bevel Styles for Camp and Carry Knives: Flat, Scandi, Sabre, Hollow, and Convex

Today's knife marketplace is overflowing with options when it comes to knife design. Some elements are pure gimmick, while others --although traditional-- are so task-specific...

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Knife Design Principles: Redroot's Outdoor Knife Collection

A good outdoor knife is essential for going into the woods on a camping trip or when finding yourself in a survival situation. Why carry...

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