Knives for Natural Living

Knives for the wilderness: For studying skills and techniques of preparedness and survival || Knives for hunting and foraging: For practicing the art of direct subsistence || Knives for every-day carry: Go-to tools for daily life || Knives for the kitchen: For cooking real food and enjoying the process.

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- What we're all about -


Redroot knives are produced in a small shop in Portland, Oregon, using traditional stock removal methods. Steel types include 01 carbon tool steel, 52100 carbon baring steel, and AEB-L stainless steel. Handle material include professionally stabilized, highly figured wood varieties with solid brass, copper and linen hardware.

- Design Principles -

Classic lines & Natural materials

Redroot defines craftsmanship through timeless builds of handmade knives and leather goods. Using naturally-derived materials, Redroot evokes the spirit of the natural world their products are meant to celebrate.

production & custom designs

Redroot offers a variety of signature knife designs available directly from this website. If a knife is out of stock, please contact us to set up a similar made-to-order knife purchase. We also offer custom options and one-of-a-kind designs for those interested in working with us more intimately.

- Made-to-Order Knives -

Founded in the Oregon Woods

May we honor and celebrate life through our connection to the natural world; Develop skills of stewardship, and build sustainable relationships with the land and its inhabitants. May we be re-enchanted with the animate world, and do our part to repair our relationships.