Knives for the wilderness: For studying skills and techniques of preparedness and survival || Knives for hunting and foraging: For practicing the art of direct subsistence || Knives for every-day carry: Go-to tools for daily life || Knives for the kitchen: For cooking real food and enjoying the process.

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Redroot knives are produced in a small shop in Portland, Oregon, using traditional stock removal methods. Steel types include 01 carbon tool steel, 52100 carbon bearing steel, and AEB-L stainless steel. Handle material include highly figured wood with solid brass, copper, and linen hardware.

Design Principles

Classic lines & Natural materials

Redroot honors traditional craftsmanship through timeless builds of handmade knives and leather goods. Using naturally-derived materials, Redroot evokes the spirit of the natural world their products are meant to celebrate. For more info on design, check out the writing section.


production & custom designs

Redroot offers a variety of signature knife designs available directly from this website. If a knife is out of stock, please contact us to set up a similar made-to-order knife purchase. We also offer custom options and one-of-a-kind designs for those interested in working with us more intimately.

Made-to-Order Knives

redroot blades



Born and raised in Oregon's coastal rainforest, Redroot’s Owner/Maker, Dustin Jefferis, has developed an enduring connection to the natural world. He holds a masters degree in Ecopsychology, the study of reciprocal relationships between humans and Nature.  Dustin is trained in Western herbalism, foraging, and wilderness bushcraft skills, and is an experienced hunter. 

These pursuits form the foundation of Redroot Blades, showcased in Dustin's product design and craftsmanship, creating functional art that reflects the beauty and strength of the natural world.

Your support of Redroot Blades is a vote for small businesses, the flourishing of local communities, and a way of life in partnership with nature.



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