Blade Grinds and Bevel Styles for Camp and Carry Knives: Flat, Scandi, Sabre, Hollow, and Convex

Today's knife marketplace is overflowing with options when it comes to knife design. Some elements are pure gimmick, while others --although traditional-- are so task-specific...

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Knife Design Principles: Redroot's Outdoor Knife Collection

A good outdoor knife is essential for going into the woods on a camping trip or when finding yourself in a survival situation. Why carry...

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Knife Design Principles: Redroot's Western Kitchen Collection

Redroot Blades' Western Kitchen Collection offers a robust knife design that celebrates the durability and heft of traditional tools. These knives are meant to be...

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Blade Geometry: The variability in scandi, sabre, and flat grinds

It's not as simple as they make it out to be. The basic difference between the scandi, sabre, and flat grinds are clear. However, individual...

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Plant Allies: How Redroot Blades Found its Name

High on the slopes of the Old Cascade mountains, under a penetrating, mid summer sun, we burst out of the thick woods into a clearing....

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