Boning knife vs fillet knife: What are the differences, and what to choose.

Basic Differences:

Boning knives and fillet knives may have similar profiles, but their function set them apart. A boning knife is typically characterized by its stiff and narrow blade, ideal for precision cutting around bones. In contrast, a fillet knife features a thin, and flexible blade, perfect for maneuvering around the contours of fish.


Carbon steel vs Stainless steel fillet knife


Use Overlap:

While both knives share the common task of separating meat from bone, they do so in distinct ways. The boning knife’s rigid blade is excellent for tasks like deboning chicken and trimming meat, ensuring minimal waste. Conversely, the fillet knife’s flexibility enables it to glide smoothly along the skin and bones of fish, maximizing the yield, and the visual appeal of the fillet. But one style will work for the other's specified task, and vice versa. It's more of a venn diagram, than two exclusive knives for exclusive tasks. That fact brings Redroot's knife design into play as follows: 


Flexible fillet knife


What to Buy:

Redroot Blades produces the Mattei's Tavern Boning/Fillet knife in three distinct thicknesses that relate to flexibility (Rigid, Mid-Flex, and Full-Flex). This allows you to use a single knife for all tasks, or multiple knives for their corresponding specific tasks, depending on user preference. If it's all about the de-boning of land animals, go for the rigid version. If you want a knife to take fishing, choose the Full-Flex model. If you do a bit of both and prefer the convenience and simplicity of one knife, the Mid-Flex will treat you well. 



While boning knives and fillet knives have their unique characteristics that cater to specific culinary tasks, they are more alike than dissimilar. If you are interested in a design that is not currently offered (blade length, handle shape, materials used, sheath type, etc. ), please send us a custom order request. We're happy to make something that will precisely fit your needs. 

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