Knife Care Kits

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These knife care kits are small enough to pack in an outdoor adventure kit, or simply to keep in a kitchen drawer to dress up any of your kitchen tools. 

The blade oil is used on carbon steel to protect it from the elements, and also works well on wood.

The leather conditioner helps keep sheaths and other leather goods supple and water resistant. The conditioner is also great on knife handles.

The Field Strop is designed to keep your knives sharp between full sharpening sessions. Use the stropping compound to load up the cork side of the strop. Start your knife edge on that side, and once satisfied, finish on the leather side of the strop. There are many tutorials online to learn the art of stropping. 

Blade Oil: 1/2 brown glass bottle of food-grade mineral oil with European shaker top.

Leather Conditioner: 1/2 screw-top tin of Redroot brand natural leather conditioner. Ingredients include: Organic beeswax, neatsfoot oil, and essential oils.

Field Strop: 4.5" x 1" x 9/16" overall dimensions. 3/8' thick rosewood board with 8-9 oz veg-tan leather from Hermann Oak American Tannery on one side, with 7 oz natural cork on the other side for stropping compound. Comes with a .65 oz block of 7 micron stropping compound made by BeaverCraft.


If your one-of-a-kind item has sold, you can request that we make one with the same style and materials through our made-to-order process!

We also offer custom modifications to existing models.

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