Mattei’s Boning/Fillet knife 6" — (Rigid) Curly Walnut & Copper

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Originally designed for Chef Rhonda and crew at Mattei’s Tavern in Los Olivos, CA, this do-all boning and fillet knife can handle most tasks with its 6” stainless steel blade.  

The handle was designed so that the base of the handle can comfortably rest against the palm of the hand with the index finger positioned along the spine of the blade for saw like cuts.  

Three levels of blade flexibility are offered: Full-flex, Mid-Flex, and Rigid. 

Blade: 3/32” thick. 6" long. 01 carbon tool steel..

Handle: Stabilized curly walnut with solid copper pins. 4.5" long.

Sheath: (OPTIONAL) Natural veg-tanned, 8-9 oz leather from Hermann Oak American tannery. Hand stitched with waxed linen thread.

Blade Sheath Option

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