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The Makers

There is a great diversity of landscapes in the Pacific Northwest. Its vistas range from the rocky cliffs of its coastal shores, to the snow covered mountains of the Cascades, and all the way down to the vast desert of the Great Basin. It is here that the Redroot team found their inspiration for developing their own brand of wilderness-ready knives and duty level kitchen cutlery.


The Makers

Dustin & Shasta

Dustin grew up in a woodshop nestled in the coastal mountains of Oregon. His favorite hobby was getting lost in the forest, totally immersed in the natural world. He is a primitive/earth skills enthusiast, herbalist, artist, and holds a master's degree in ecopsychology. Nature informs his design aesthetic and he has a great passion for natural materials in modern craft.
Shasta spent his early years in Portland, Oregon, cleverly fashioning tools out of found objects. He parlayed this obsession through many crafts, culminating in M Pepper Ironworks, a blacksmith company focused on architectural ironwork. Now, as a father and husband, Shasta has distilled his love of craft into fine woodcarving, traditional woodwork, bushcraft, and perennial philosophy.

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